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If you are involved in a bike crash you do have rights. Before riding, cyclists need to protect themselves. In addition to protective gear, bicyclists need to protect their legal rights by know what to do in case of a bicycle accident.

Florida Bicycle Lawyer is committed to protecting cyclists' rights and has created the following do's and don'ts to help you protect your rights in case of a crash. Want to get these do's and don'ts on a handy, waterproof plastic business card to take on your next ride? Get your card for free HERE!

Doís and Doníts After a Bike Accident

DO get the color, make, model, and license plate number of the driverís vehicle

DO get the names and contact information for all witnesses   

DO not provide inconsistent information to any medical treater, the medical chart will be evidence in the future

DO use your cell phone to take pictures of the vehicle that hit you and record other valuable information

DO cooperate with law enforcement, give the officer your account of what happened and your name and address

DO keep your GPS data, possible valuable information can be obtained

DON'T discuss any aspect of the crash, including who might be at fault, with the driver, these statements may be used against you by the insurance company

DON'T attempt to negotiate with the driver, it is the insurance company who is in charge after the accident

DON'T let the driver leave without getting a driver's license and proof of insurance. Insist on seeing the actual documents

How to Protect Yourself

Get the Free Bike Crash Information Card

At one of our Partner Bike Shops in your area

By mail, by sending us your mailing address at: card@flbicyclelawyer.com

Take the card with you on every ride

Put it in your bike/saddle bag

Put it in your jersey pocket

If you, or someone riding with you is in a bike accident. USE IT!

First call 911

Read the Dos and Don'ts on the back of the card

Contact Florida Bicycle Lawyer to get critical legal information to protect you and your rights

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